The Brief

Get lapsed or first time runners to give Park Runs a go.


Your Personal Best

If you haven’t run in years, your first race is your personal best, so what are you waiting for? What the worst that could happen?

This is a shareable film/piece of video content that shows the feel-good factor of Park Runs and encourages new participants to sign up. It follows a first time park Runner going back running after a many years. We open on the person getting ready, putting on all their kit and talking about their experience of running in school etc./why it has been so long since they’ve gone running. We follow them as they make their way to the Park Run, they talk about their nerves and see them meet the friend that has convinced them to try a Park Run. Finally we see them complete their first run and achieving their personal best on their first run.


A special Park Run would be organised within the city centre parks and this video would be used as promotional material. After the event new Park Runners would be encouraged to share their own first Personal Bests online and long time participants could show their new personal bests.


Running Late

Apart from actually participating in exercise, most people only run when they are late for something, a bus, a plane, a meeting etc. So Lifestyle gives them a hand by providing the gear they need, but also reminding them that there are easier ways to get some exercise.


Running Late includes outdoor ads, guerilla pieces in the form of‘Break Glass’ boxes placed around the city, and digital ads that are a ‘Break Glass’ game which then directs you to an App where you can win gear.